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ketamine for depression
ketamine treatment for depression

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Ketamine for Depression in NYC | A New Alternative Treatment for Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder that affects millions of people around the world. While sadness is common for everyone, people struggling with depression deal with it differently. For some, unexpected changes or setbacks cause a manageable amount of sadness. However, for those living with depression, this emotion snowballs into persistent dark feelings. This is because depression causes constant feelings of sadness and loss of interest. In addition, the symptoms can worsen if depression is left untreated.

Thankfully, Ketamine treatments for depression are providing a unique, alternative way to manage these extreme emotions. To learn more about this innovative, life-changing treatment, contact Ketamine Wellness NY. Call us at 516-284-4829 to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about Ketamine therapy.

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy at Ketamine Wellness NY

  • Near instant results
  • Relieves depression symptoms
  • Reduces feelings of fatigue, sadness, and anxiety
  • Targets the psychological cause of depression
  • Rewires the brain
  • Improves overall mental health

What is Ketamine Therapy for Depression?

Depression affects over 18 million adults in any given year. This mental disorder is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Ketamine therapy for depression in NYC is a new treatment option providing millions of people with relief from their suffering. The FDA cleared ketamine for depression in 2019. Before this approval, traditional antidepressant medication and psychotherapy, like counseling, were the only treatment options available. The lengthy process of trying different medications or psychotherapy can be frustrating and challenging for patients. Often, the patient’s symptoms of depression prove resistant to medication or professional counseling efforts.

How Does Ketamine Therapy Work?

Ketamine for depression treatment in NYC is a promising alternative method of treatment. It targets the neurological causes of depression, whereas traditional medication only minimizes the symptoms. Ketamine therapy allows the mind to deal with damaged neurons and create new essential neural pathways. Ketamine’s therapeutic benefits work almost immediately. It positively affects people living with depression for a significant amount of time, even after the drug has left the body.

Through medical advancements, the benefits of Ketamine for depression are evolving. Recent clinical evidence suggests Ketamine alleviates depression and thoughts of suicide almost instantly, making it a fast-acting treatment for not found before.

Why Ketamine for Depression is Different

Researchers believe that Ketamine is the most significant breakthrough in the field of depression in over 60 years. This form of therapy has also received breakthrough clearance from the FDA for treating depression. One of the reasons so many people are turning to Ketamine for relief from mental illnesses is because regular medication does not always work. Traditional medicines like Zoloft or Prozac do not also relieve depression symptoms.

Ketamine for depression works differently from the classic SSRIs, which can take weeks to months to result in any noticeable effects. Further research shows that Ketamine promotes the production of glutamate, impacting neuroplasticity. This increase in glutamate helps the brain rewire and restructures itself.

What is a Ketamine Therapy Session Like?

Typical Ketamine therapy sessions are monitored closely. Ketamine is distributed intramuscularly or infused intravenously for 40 to 60 minutes. During the session, patients can experience an altered mental state, although they remain conscious and able to communicate. Ketamine infusions are safe, relaxing, and do not affect the respiratory system.

What Can Ketamine Therapy Treat?

Ketamine therapy successfully improve symptoms of several conditions, including:

  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Chronic pain
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • OCD
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Migraines
  • Phobia related disorders

Ketamine for Depression Cost

Ketamine for depression treatment in NYC cost varies per person. The best way to receive your personalized Ketamine therapy cost for treating depression, contact Ketamine Wellness NY. During your free consultation, you speak one-on-one with a trained specialist on how to alleviate symptoms you suffer from. Together, a treatment plan is designed for you that is tailored to your needs and at an affordable rate.

Ketamine for Depression in Clinical Studies

The potential for Ketamine to improve depressive symptoms, reduce anxiety, and improve mental health has drawn the attention of many scientists. Therefore, many clinical studies are being done on Ketamine for depression treatments. For those especially suffering from treatment-resistant depression, Ketamine treatments may yield promising results. Dr. John Krystal, chief of psychiatry at Yale University, says, “We’re reaching out in a new way to patients who have not responded to other kinds of treatments and providing, for some of them, the first time that they’ve gotten better from their depression.” Dr. Krystal also stated that “when Ketamine is in your system, you’ll likely have the dissociative effects, but that’s not the treatment…that’s just something you go through to get the treatment. The Ketamine treatment is your brain’s reaction to Ketamine, how your brain responds to exposure to Ketamine.”

Dr. Ken Stewart specializes in treatment for patients diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression. Many of his patients report a dramatic improvement in their depression. But, Dr. Stewart says, “When people come out of this profound experience, they have a lot to say, and these are people who have a lot of baggage and a lot of experiential pain. Many times, Ketamine leads to unpacking of that baggage.” About 30% of Dr. Stewart’s patients who complete an entire Ketamine treatment series for depression never have to come back. Those that do come back receive boosters that get further and further apart until they no longer need treatment again.

Ketamine Risks and Side Effects

When administered in low doses, Ketamine treatments provide mild, stimulating effects. Studies testing the nature of Ketamine continue to show incredible benefits of this treatment. Side effects are often minimal and resolve on their own with time. The chairman and CEO of COPE (Centers of Psychiatric Excellence), Dr. Prakash Masand, states, “most [Ketamine] side effects are mild and transient” and “patients must be monitored because of potential increases in blood pressure and pulse.”

Some risks and side effects that may occur with Ketamine treatments include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dissociation and/or an out-of-body experience (that may be uncomfortable)
  • Cystitis and lower urinary tract pathologies (may occur with high doses)
  • Hallucinations
  • Distortions of time and space
  • Persistent and more pronounced neuropsychiatric symptoms may present themselves. Other mood-altering drugs (such as alcohol, opioids, cannabis, and more) may not be safe to use with Ketamine treatments.
  • Severe, schizophrenia-like perceptions and symptoms may occur (at higher doses)
  • Potential increase in blood pressure and pulse

Avoid dangers to your mental health and overall well-being and choose the best Ketamine provider in your area. A provider with extensive knowledge about all aspects of Ketamine (side effects, risks, benefits, treatment applications, etc.) A provider aware of the risks and side effects of this treatment will be able to administer safer, more effective treatments. It is also good to note that casual use of Ketamine is not an appropriate treatment for depression. Ketamine providers have specific protocols and supervisory requirements in place to provide the best treatments.

Why Choose Ketamine Wellness NY for Ketamine Depression Therapy

Ketamine Wellness NY is a premier provider of successful Ketamine therapy treatments in the New York area. Patients enjoy relaxing therapy sessions in our luxury facility conveniently located in Queens, NY. Each Ketamine treatment is administered by a trained professional, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of each person.

Ketamine for Depression Near Me

If you are tired of letting depression control your body and life, contact Ketamine Wellness NY. We are committed to providing this unique method of healing for your mind and body. Call us at 516-284-4829 to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about Ketamine therapy in NYC. If Ketamine for depression is a valid treatment option for you, we create a personalized plan to fit your needs.


Ketamine therapy for depression in NYC offers a distinct approach compared to traditional antidepressant medications. While traditional meds aim to alleviate symptoms, Ketamine targets the neurological root causes of depression. It fosters the creation of new neural pathways, often resulting in rapid and lasting relief, even after the treatment concludes, setting it apart as a promising alternative.

Ketamine therapy for depression in NYC provides both immediate and enduring effects. Patients often experience rapid relief from depressive symptoms shortly after treatment. Importantly, the therapeutic benefits can extend well beyond the treatment period, offering long-term relief and improved mental well-being, making it a valuable option for those seeking lasting solutions.

Patients undergoing Ketamine therapy for depression in NYC often experience rapid results. Relief from depressive symptoms can be noticeable shortly after treatment, sometimes within hours or days. This fast-acting nature sets it apart from traditional antidepressant medications, offering hope and improvement for individuals seeking prompt relief from depression.

A typical Ketamine therapy session at Ketamine Wellness NY focused on depression treatment in NYC, begins with a warm welcome at our luxury facility in Queens. Trained professionals administer the treatment in a relaxing environment, ensuring patient safety and comfort. Sessions involve the precise administration of Ketamine, followed by monitored relaxation as individuals experience the therapeutic effects.

Individuals considering Ketamine therapy for depression treatment at our NYC treatment center should be aware of potential side effects, including temporary disorientation, altered perception, and mild nausea. Our experienced professionals closely monitor each session to ensure safety and guide patients through the process. It’s crucial to consult with our experts for a comprehensive evaluation and understanding of the therapy.

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