Ketamine for PTSD | New Treatment for PTSD

comfortable woman sitting on the chair
comfortable woman sitting on the chair

Ketamine for PTSD | New Treatment for PTSD

Ketamine for PTSD is a new favored treatment within the mental health world. As Ketamine infusions continue to be studied and used, more people now find hope that they can alleviate their mental struggles. In addition, the research proves Ketamine helps the brain reconsolidate memories and release trauma. Learn more about Ketamine for PTSD and discover if it is right for you.

Benefits of Ketamine for PTSD

  • Fast-acting results
  • Rewires brain
  • Releases trauma
  • Improves mental wellness
  • Results seen within 24 hours

Treating PTSD with Ketamine

Ketamine therapy is unlike any other treatment available today. While many people suffer from the debilitating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Ketamine infusions are giving these individuals true hope. PTSD is an anxiety disorder caused by intrusive memories triggering a re-experience of a traumatic event or situation. Symptoms include avoiding stimuli or things that could remind them of their trauma. In addition, people living with PTSD are easily startled or jumpy, experience flashbacks, and nightmares. Traditional treatments for PTSD are rigorous, with spotty results. Ketamine now offers a rapid reduction in symptoms.

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How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine infusions target the source of PTSD instead of dulling the symptoms. Research shows Ketamine promotes the production of Glutamate, a neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in brain functions. In addition, studies show Ketamine boosts neurotransmissions in the brain allowing it to heal itself.

What to Expect During Your Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine therapy is administered during a 40 to 60 minute session. The infusions are monitored and occur in a comfortable, controlled environment. Patients are able to relax and speak throughout the session. They are conscious but may experience an altered state of mind. A treatment plan of 10 infusions is recommended to see a true change in PTSD symptoms.

Ketamine Therapy Cost

The cost of Ketamine Infusions varies. Most insurance companies do not cover this therapy. If you want to receive a personal quote for Ketamine cost, contact Ketamine Wellness NY today to schedule a consultation. During your visit, you can speak in-depth about Ketamine and how the treatment works. If they consider this to be the best treatment option for you, they create a plan that fits your budget.

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Why Choose Ketamine Wellness NY for Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine Wellness NY provides a safe and inclusive environment for every patient. We are dedicated to ensuring everyone feels as comfortable as possible during their treatment sessions. We believe the treatment setting should create and inspire a sense of security to allow optimal healing for everyone.

Ketamine for PTSD Near Me

If you are tired of living with the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, Ketamine infusions can help. Contact Ketamine Wellness NY today. We are the leading provider of safe, effective Ketamine therapy in Queens, NY. Call us at 516-284-4829 to schedule your consultation and discover what Ketamine could do for your life.

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Ketamine for Anxiety | A New Approach

stress-free woman smiling in the city
stress-free woman smiling in the city

Ketamine for Anxiety | A New Approach

Ketamine Therapy for anxiety is a new approach for treating common anxiety disorders. Countless adults around the world struggle with anxiety every single day. It causes severe strain on the individual and sometimes even harmful conditions that inhibit their quality of life. Unfortunately, most of the current anxiety medication provides little, if any, relief for these individuals. Now, there is a new approach for helping those suffering from anxiety. Ketamine for anxiety instantly reduces symptoms, assisting people to achieve a new lease on life. Learn more about Ketamine therapy here and how it helps anxiety.

Benefits of Ketamine for Anxiety

  • Relieves anxiety symptoms such as fatigue and stress
  • Instantaneous results
  • Targets the psychological causes of anxiety
  • Rewires and reconnects neural pathways
  • Allows the brain to heal itself
  • Improve anxiety when medication and behavioral therapy fail

What Is Ketamine?

Ketamine treatments are a relatively new treatment available to people. However, Ketamine has been around for decades. As an anesthetic, Ketamine is popular because it does not affect the respiratory system. It is a synthetic drug still used in veterinary medicine and emergency hospital settings. Now, Ketamine is beginning to be used in mental health treatments. It successfully treats anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic pain, and other common mental disorders.

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How Does Ketamine Treat Anxiety?

Ketamine treats anxiety differently. While traditional SSRIs dull the symptoms of anxiety and have short-term effects, Ketamine targets the source of anxiety. This therapy allows the brain to heal itself. Researchers found that Ketamine triggers Glutamate production. Glutamate creates new neural connections in the brain, allowing it to heal.

Anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States. Over 40 million Americans struggle with anxiety. Anxiety has a wide range of symptoms, including nausea, sweating, rapid heart rate, and restlessness. It is a mental order that affects the quality of life, making it difficult for many people to enjoy the world and find normalcy.

Ketamine for anxiety is unlike SSRIs. This medicine takes weeks and sometimes months to have an effect. Ketamine, on the other hand, triggers Glutamate instantly, allowing the brain to achieve relief of symptoms quickly.

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What to Expect During Ketamine Treatments

Ketamine infusions are administered during a monitored session. The therapy takes 40 to 60 minutes. Patients remain conscious for the duration of the therapy. They may experience an altered state of mind. 10 infusions are recommended as a complete course when treating anxiety. The healing effects are near-instantaneous and provide lasting results.

Ketamine for Anxiety Near Me

If you are tired of struggling with anxiety, contact Ketamine Wellness NY. We are the leading provider of safe, effective Ketamine infusions in Queens, NY. Discover how this treatment can help you achieve the healing you need to live a healthy, happy life. Call us at 516-284-4829 to schedule a consultation now.

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